Some unpredictable risks might occur to your property and premises at any time, that is theft and burglary risk. Thus, theft and burglary insurance of BIC will be your best coverage selection under this circumstance.

Subject insured:
- Subject buying insurance: All individuals, organizations and enterprises which are in need of theft and burglary insurance.
- Subject insured: Any property within the insured premises as specified in Schedule of Insurance; and the insured premises are in damage as the result of theft and burglary.

Benefit of insurance and scope of cover: BIC will indemnify for the loss or damage of any property inside the insured premises as stated in Proposal as the result of theft and burglary following:
- Entry into or exit from the premises by forcible and violent means or
- Assault, violence or threat thereof to the Insured, the Insured’s employee or any people to whom the Insured’s property is entrusted;

The damage of the insured premises to be born by the Insured must be consequent upon such theft or burglary threat.