This insurance protects customers from loss or damage to their construction and erection works, which starts from the commencement date and last until the completion of the project plus a period of maintenance.

The Insured:
Investor, Contractors, Suppliers, Subcontractors…

Insured Subjects:
- Residential Buildings, apartments, hotels, shools, hospitals
- Multi Storey, Hall Buildings
- Industrial buildings
- Irrigation Works such as Diversion channel, Dams, Embankment, Water Reservoir…
- Civil engineering works: bridges, roads, piers, Earthworks, Railways, Airport…
- Cement Factories, Hydro Power Plants, thermal power plants..
- Other Construction & Erection Works.

Construction/Erection “All risks” insurance: This Policy covers all risks except risks excluded under Policy wording. The Insured will be indemnified for loss or damage to the construction by an unforeseen and sudden cause other than those excluded occuring during the insurance period.

Coverage: divided into 02 Sections

Section I – Material Damage: Insurance against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to Insured Items at construction site happenning during the insurance period by the following causes:
- Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft,
- Flood, Inundation, Tsunami, storm, typhoon..
- Theft
- Earthquake
- Poor Workmanship, Lack of Experience, negligence, ….
- by any cause other than those specifically excluded in this Policy

Section II – Third Party Liability: Insurance against civil liability legally arising by the Insured to the loss or damage or bodily injury, which the Insured is responsible to the third party, directly relating to the insured project happening during the insurance period.