General Information
BIC HomeCare is a comprehensive private house insurance product (in accordance with the BIC's comprehensive private house insurance policy wording).

Subject Insured
- Comprehensive private house insurance: Building coverage and Contents coverage
- Types of residential houses insured: Apartment, detached house, others

Insurance Period
As per customer's request, ranging from 1 year to 5 years.

Scope of Cover
Comprehensive private house insurance:
- Fire, direct lightning;
- Explosion;
- Thunderstorms, storms, floods;
- Breaking or spillage from water tanks, water storage facilities or water pipelines
- Collided by road vehicles or cattle;
- Forcible thief and robbery;
- Site cleaning costs (limit: 5% of sum insured);
- Fire fighting costs (limit: 5% of sum insured);
- House rental expense after the event (limit 5% of sum insured and no longer than 30 days).

Sum Insured
Sum insured ranging from VND 200,000,000 to VND 5,000,000,000
- Sum insured for Contents does not exceed 20% of the sum insured
For Building.
- The sum insured does not include the value of land use rights.