- Vietnamese citizens or foreigners in Vietnam that the Bank/Credit Institution approves the personal loan.
- Person insured must be aged from 18 to 65 on the entry date of the policy and not older than 70 years of age when the insurance period ends.
- Person insured must not be permanently disabled by 50% or more.

During loan term, up to 15 years.

Basic insurance benefits:
- Death/Permanent disability following accident: 100% of the sum insured, up to VND 6 billion.
- Death due to illness or disease: part or total of sum insured, up to VND 200 million. 
Additional insurance benefits:
- Accidental hospital allowance (in case of insured person hospitalized): up to VND 200,000/day in a maximum of 30 days.
- Interest paid during the claim pending: up to VND 200 million/policy in a maximum of 60 days.
- Funeral allowance: VND 1 million/insured person.