BIC’s crazy sales up to 30% for International Travelling Insurance in Summer 2014

02:53 CH @ Thứ Sáu - 09 Tháng Năm, 2014

Greeting travelling season of 2014, BIDV Insurance company has launched the sales programs known as “Happy summer 2014 – Free-mind in every trip” from April 24th to July 24th2014. The program offers crazy sales from 10 to 30% for International Travelling Insurance when buying at

Detail information is as follows:

Total premium on a single orderReduction rate
From 1 to 01 billion dong


From 01 billion dong to 02 billion dong


From 02 billion dongto 03 billion dong


Over 03 billion dong


Apart from being applied preferential reduction, clients buying international travelling insurance online via the website have chance to enjoy various conveniences as follows:

- Checking detail information of benefit and premium, claim instruction, SOS instructions, etc...

- Buying online easily with various payment methods such as transfer, international visa and master cards, e-wallet, etc. 

- Choosing to get electric insurance certificate immediately (with BIC’s digital signature, same value as hardcopy) or receive hardcopy within one working day.

International travelling insurance of BIC is designed with 5 different programs, including Program A (sum insured of 10.000 USD/EUR), Program B (sum insured of 20.000 USD/EUR), Program C (sum insured of 30.000 USD/EUR), Program D (sum insured of 50.000 USD/EUR), Program E (sum insured of 100.000 USD/EUR). Clients are free to choose suitable programs up to their demands and financial capacities, whose claims shall be settled in case of accident and/or medical cost during the trip up to 100.000 USD/EUR. Besides, personal luggage and belonging missing reimbursement, personal papers lost, delaying trip supporting, etc are also applied. Especially, many benefits provided by SOS service shall be available.

Please contact Business Departments of BIC nation-wide or access the website at or call our free hotline serviced 24/7 of BIC at 1800 9456 for more information.